.The University of San Carlos, Guatemala (USAC)

Institute of Interethnic studies

Access to higher education is one of the concerns at national and international level. For this reason, The University of Quintana Roo (UQROO) has established a link with the country of Guatemala, through agreements signed with The Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation (FRMT) and The University of San Carlos (USAC).

The first approach to Guatemala was in June 2005, when the cooperation framework agreement among the UQROO, The National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) and the FRMT was signed. This still valid agreement has the objective to establish interinstitutional collaboration links among the aforementioned institutions to identify initiatives and educational strategies which contribute to increase the indigenous students´ participation in higher educational systems in Mexico and Guatemala.

At first, the UQROO started a process of transference of its educational experience to the FRMT. As a result of this and because of the mutual interest between USAC and UQROO to entwine cooperation ties to stimulate programs and joint projects, a general agreement between UQROO and USAC was signed.

On June 2007 after this general agreement, a specific collaboration agreement between The Intercultural Studies Center (CENEI) of UQROO and the Interethnic Studies Institute (IDEI) of USAC was signed. The aim of this agreement is the interchange of academic support models for indigenous students which are being applied at CENEI. Since then, the IDEI and the CENEI have taken on the leadership in the process of transference of this model that consists of training the personnel in charge of students through courses.

It is important to say that the transference of this program has been a process between UQROO and FRMT. For this reason, the USAC has sent a letter to FF which claims that UQROO is a great ally in Central America.

With the new administration of the Ford Foundation in Mexico headed by Dr. Ana Luis Ligouri, on September 12th 2007 a presentation by the directives of the UQROO and deans from the USAC was held in order to inform her about the advances they had in relation to the transference of the Attention to Indigenous Students Program from UQROO to USAC.

The participation of the UQROO in this meeting was important since it gave grater credibility to the transference process course organization level. These activities included at:

• Curriculum Design of the Attention to Indigenous Students Model of USAC

• Methodology for detection of indigenous students

• Database management

• Creation of academic conditions for newly registered indigenous students.

• Creation of socio-economic conditions for indigenous students´ good development

• Financial resources Administration

• Implementation of tutoring programs





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